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Welcome to the fifth installment of The Law Is A Ass!  I think this is the longest we've gone without an update (um, about 3 years?)  Yes I know this was supposed to be updated WEEKLY, what can I say, things have been a little busy lately.  Not to mention the fact that our feelings were a little hurt after all the negative feedback from our last update (everyone hates poetry, I guess).  If anyone from Westlaw or Lexis reads this and wants to help out with a complimentary account so we can research these cases, please let us know and we'll advertise your company!  Of the five following cases, you have to decide which are real and which are the product of an overactive imagination.   Click on the gavel next to each case to find out if you were right.  Enjoy!

All of the poetry below is the actual text of the opinion.

Click here for the answer This Judge was feeling a little frisky after watching the Mike Myers flick Wayne's World too many times, so he decided to announce his denial of the defendant's motion under the heading "NOT!", saying the motion was "not worthy", and told the litigants to "party on" in state court.
Click here for the answer After much deliberation, a United States District Court denied a plaintiff's "Motion to Kiss My Ass" filed with that court.
Click here for the answer The complaint says that the plaintiff was taken to the Eye, Ear and Speech Clinic in Newark, while in custody, and that the State of New Jersey there unlawfully injected him in the left eye with a radium electric beam. As a result, he claims that someone now talks to him on the inside of his brain. He asks money damages of $12 million.
Click here for the answer In this case, a man is charged with driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.  The twist?  The "vehicle" is a camel.  You know, one of those big yellow animals named after the cigarette company.
Click here for the answer The defendant in this case testified that the reason why she struck the plaintiff's truck with her automobile was simply because she knew that God was driving her car, and more importantly, she knew that if she accelerated into the truck, she would be able to fly because Batman is able to fly.