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Washington v. Alaimo, 934 F. Supp. 1395 (1996).

This is one of my favorite decisions, where the plaintiff moved "all Americans at large and one corrupt Judge Smith [to] kiss my got [sic] damn ass sorry mother fucker you."  This case involved a particularly litigious gentleman who filed numerous motions, starting with "Extraordinary Motions to Amend" including one which desired to add the United States Secret Service as a party.  He began to file frivolous motions on a weekly basis, ending up filing more than 75 in total, including the following (some were filed on different cases involving the same plaintiff):

"Motion to Behoove an Inquisition"
"Motion for Judex Delegatus"
"Motion for Restoration of Sanity"
"Motion for Deinstitutionalization"
"Motion for Publicity"
"Motion to Vacate Jurisdiction"
"Motion for Cesset pro Cessus"
"Motion for Judex Delegatus"
"Motion for Nunc pro Tunc"
"Motion for Psychoanalysis"
"Motion to Impeach Judge Alaimo"
"Motion to Renounce Citizenship"
"Motion to Exhume Body of Alex Hodgson"
"Motion to Invoke and Execute Rule 15--Retroactive Note: The Court's School Days are Over"
"Motion for Skin Change Operation"
"Motion for Catered Food Services"