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Welcome to the third week of The Law Is A Ass!  Of the five following cases, you have to decide which are real and which are the product of an overactive imagination.   Click on the gavel next to each case to find out if you were right.  Enjoy!


Click here for the answer A man filed suit in federal court against his ex-wife's dog.  He alleged that the dog, a german shephard named "Puddle", had bitten him and caused "great anguish and injury".
Click here for the answer In this case, a man filed suit against Pan American Airways, asking for the amount of 400 trillion dollars.  He brought the suit "on the grounds of grand theft . . . with the intent to commit nuclear sabotage".
Click here for the answer This case saw a judge filing suit against a man who was a defendant in his courtroom.  The judge claimed that after losing his case, the defendant "insulted him and . . . caused him terrible dismay and mental pain", rendering him unable to work or sleep.
Click here for the answer In this suit, it was alleged that the widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. should be immediately arrested and detained.  The reason given was that Mrs. King had plans to "take over an order of Black Nuns and become its Mother Superior" which would lead to the completion of her master plan to "install herself as a self-declared 'Black Popess'".
Click here for the answer This case was an attempt to certify a class action suit against the People of Earth, on behalf of "the world's animal population".   The suit, organized by several animal rights activists and organizations, tried to prevent further "subjugation, murder, and cannabalism of the non-human inhabits of the earth".