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Welcome to the second week of The Law Is A Ass!  Of the five following cases, you have to decide which are real and which are the product of an overactive imagination.   Click on the gavel next to each case to find out if you were right.  Enjoy!


Click here for the answer A man filed suit against himself, claiming that defendant was beneficiary of a charitable trust, the estate of which plaintiff claimed would revert to him upon termination of the trust. Plaintiff sought to terminate the trust.  Defendant failed to answer.
Click here for the answer This case saw a man file a class action suit against the Lord God and several other defendants, including "Saint Peter and the angel Gabriel".  The suit charged that the defendants had failed to honor their "eternal contract with humanity".
Click here for the answer In this case in family court, an recent immigrant filed suit against his wife for "failing to bear him a son".  In their home country, such an action (or lack thereof) is punishable by law.
Click here for the answer A woman sued CBS News for intentional infliction of emotional distress.   During one of their stories on obesity in America, they showed random New Yorkers walking around the city, and the plaintiff was shown eating a hot dog.  She claimed that this caused her "extreme humiliation and . . . social distress".
Click here for the answer This case was an appeal by a former judge who had been sued by a coffee vendor who worked outside of his courthouse.  The judge had ordered his court officer to bring the vendor to his chambers in handcuffs and proceeded to "[scream] at him . . . for about 20 minutes" because his coffee was "putrid" before finally unshackling him and letting him go.