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Welcome to the first week of The Law Is A Ass!  Of the five following cases, you have to decide which are real and which are the product of an overactive imagination.   Click on the gavel next to each case to find out if you were right.  Enjoy!

(NB: Since this is our first week, we're going to go a few days over.  The next cases will go up at the beginning of the week of April 27, 1998)

Click here for the answer In this case, a suit was filed against Satan and His Staff for depriving the plaintiff of his constitutional rights.  The plaintiff alleged that Satan had "placed delibertate obstacles in his path and has caused plaintiff's downfall".
Click here for the answer In this 1983 case, one of a set of conjoined, or "Siamese", twins sued the other to force a medical separation.  The plaintiff claimed that years of living connected to her sister had caused "untold mental and physical anguish".
Click here for the answer This New Jersey case saw a man file suit against the State Secretary for preventing him from becoming elected as President of the United States.  Therefore, he additionally claimed that the 1976 elections were fraudulent, and that new elections must be held. 
Click here for the answer A young man, trying to steal from a soda machine in front of Kmart, tips it over onto himself and is killed.  His parents file suit against the supermarket.
Click here for the answer A prospective morning radio DJ was unable to audition for a job due to a paper cut he incurred on his tongue while licking an envelope.  He sued the Mead Corporation, manufacturers of the envelope in question, for "destroying his employment opportunities" and for "physical suffering".